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The Diary of Anne Frank

"Liu excels with childlike energy and ferocious honesty."

- Broad Street Review, Mark Cofta

"This amazing young woman of Chinese-American heritage, so fully embodies the young adolescent.  I was shocked to learn that she has a B.A. from college." 

- The Daily Local, Frank Burd

"Her performance as the young diarist is flawless."

- The Daily Local

"Liu captures all the vibrancy and spunk of Anne.  However, Liu also displays the fears and vulnerability of the child, especially during Anne’s nightmares."

-, Christina Perryman

"Liu is excellent as young Anne, boisterously optimistic but deeply frustrated"

-, Rebecca Rendell

"Liu is a marvelous Anne Frank"

- Phindie, Neal Zoren

"As good as these three performances are, Brittany Anikka Liu who spends the show in a wheel chair, walks away with the show.


This young lady is so natural, authentic, present and alive in every moment of the play, I can imagine Stanislavski watching her performance and asking her after the show. “How did you do that, young lady?”

-, Thomas Molyneaux

"The best thing about the play is the richness of the Ellen character as written by Rosendorf and acted by Liu"

- NJ Arts, Jay Lustdig

Tranquil: World Premiere
Rapture, Blister Burn

"Liu delivers Avery’s younger-generation perspective with a fresh and bold performance"

- Stage Buddy, Auriane Desombre

Buffalo Heights

"The endearingly vicious Piper (Liu) gives us the most amazing adolescent hysterics, which may remind you either of a bully from your high school or of a president whose name rhymes with “rump”

- Outer-stage, Edmond Malin

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